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Our wholesale origination services are meant to target your expected incoming call count each month. With over 125 centers situated globally, we are the best VoIP Origination service provider for both domestic and international needs. Our services do not require the purchase of any specialized hardware and can work with your existing setup – whether its from another VoIP service provider or from a landline network.
Wholesale VoIP Origination Providers
This further helps reduce the cost of setting up the most reliable VoIP call service for all your origination needs.

With our wholesale origination services, you get the following advantages :

    • Clear and Crisp Voice Quality :
      The voice quality with Voice Orion is as crisp as talking to someone in real life. With our VoIP services, you will never have to encounter any errors resulting from misunderstanding someone over a phone call. Apart from resulting in greater productivity, this will also help maintain a good impression on your clients and investors.
    • Affordable Prices :
      We offer the most affordable prices in the VoIP industry. With our numerous servers, we can provide calling rates which are even cheaper than most landline service providers. Moreover, we provide our services at these competitive prices without compromising on quality.
    • 24×7 Support :
      Whenever you have a query, feedback, or need assistance, we have your back. You can contact our support team at any time throughout the week and get the best-in-class support for your situation. With our reliable service, you can rest easy and focus on work without having to worry about communication.
  • Unlimited Upgradability :
    Our system is designed to be upgradable and can grow with your business. It doesn’t matter how many additional connections you wish to add, we can set them up for you. Moreover, our upgrading process is also very cost and time-efficient which allows superior connections no matter when you need them.

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