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Wholesale Origination

Our wholesale origination services are meant to target your expected incoming call count each month.

With over _(Please insert Number)__ centers situated globally, we are the best VoIP Origination service provider for both domestic and international needs.

Our services do not require the purchase of any specialized hardware and can work with your existing setup – whether its from another VoIP service provider or from a landline network.

This further helps reduce the cost of setting up the most reliable VoIP call service for all your origination needs.

Wholesale Termination

Whether you are a service provider or a reseller, our wholesale termination plan will meet your needs completely.

We offer high-quality outgoing calls for both domestic and international requirements. With our strategically placed SBCs, you will never have to worry about experiencing latency in your calls – even on low bandwidth networks.

We also provide users with the lowest costs for all termination service and calculate your appropriate plan with our advanced routing algorithms.

DIDs and Toll-Free Numbers

TrunkTel also offers a wide range of toll-free numbers to allow your customers to phone you for support free-of-charge.

Our plan is extremely cost-effective and is based on the number of minutes you use to allow the best experience in VoIP toll-free calling.

We also offer DIDs to allow easy call forwarding between different devices across your business departments irrespective of their location on the globe.

Our service guarantees zero call drops and can effectively manage calls in over 170 countries across the world.